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Welcome To Woodside Books

A chance encounter with the late Ian Banks, or Iain in his alter ego, led me to building up an eclectic mix of fiction and non-fiction, signed by the author.  Hatchards, Murder One, Foyles and Waterstones in London and elsewhere offered limitless possibilities for meeting authors and listening to them talk about their ideas and inspirations and how to translate these onto the printed page.  Since returning to Exeter 25 years ago I’ve been able to add dozens of authors to the collection in the sublime setting of Ways With Words at Dartington.

My place of birth has always been fascinating and I’ve been lucky to find coverage of most of the 2000 years of Exeter’s history.  These books and a miscellany of Folio editions now fill my house and downsizing in the not too distant future leads to only one sad conclusion: a sale.

With only a handful of exceptions all the books on sale on this website are in excellent condition: read only once and in some cases, I confess, started but not completed.  I spell out in detail where a book’s state is not perfect.  Please don’t hesitate to email me for more information.